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Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Fat Girls and Fairy Cakes Goes Live!

Well it's about to happen -  Fat Girls and fairy cakes is out on Thursday and the ebook is available now. I'm excited and delighted and worried that no-one will buy it and if they do they might not like it and..... oh all those things a new writer (probably any writer) goes through before a book comes out.
Anyway I'm very lucky - I have had a ton of support from everyone. Thanks to Rickshaw Publishing who have nurtured my writing and given me my own happy ending by realising my dream. I have also had lots of encouragement and cake from all my family and friends - not to mention my lovely literary tweeps at Love a Happy Ending. And a big thank you to all the magazines who have provided such lovely reviews this week - Take a Break, Closer, Now, Bella and Candis have all said wonderful things about Fat Girls and Fairy Cakes.
I'll be doing signings at Waterstone's stores around the country in the next couple of months and once I've finalised my 'Fat Girls on Tour' schedule I'll post it here in the hope that someone who reads my blog will come and say hello!

Hope you buy the book.....hope you like it! x

A sparky, Funny debut novelthat combines a cute chick-lit tale with cake recipes. What's not to like about that? Bella

Don't read this on an empty stomach! Book of the Week in Now

You'll want to devour this smart and fabulously funny read in one go! Closer ****

Sue Watson’s debut novel is as every bit delicious as the cakes she describes. With an obnoxious boss and a demanding family life, you’ll be rooting for the fabulous heroine right up until the last pages. Treat yourself to this engaging read, and make sure you’ve got a glass of wine and a sugary treat to hand – you’ll feel very hungry otherwise!”Take a Break

“Laugh out loud funny ...this is a thoroughly enjoyable debut novel that will have you reading bits of it to anyone within earshot." Candis Magazine