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Sunday, 24 April 2011

Sex in the City Cupcakes

I couldn’t go to New York without visiting the holiest of cake shrines The Magnolia Bakery as featured in Sex in the City. Those of you who enjoyed the antics of Carrie and the girls will recall the three stone Sarah Jessica Parker enthusiastically thrusting a huge pink frosted cupcake into her gob while talking about her ‘crush’ Aiden. While Carrie (old enough to know better) took huge pink bites and banged on about ‘him’ like a thirteen year old, her bff Miranda (the red head) merely picked at her cake like a bird.
It’s fascinating that these two ultra glam, ultra slim gals ate their cakes in different ways – one like a bulimic, the other like a true anorexic - but one thing’s for sure – I bet neither of them ate anything but leaves for a whole week after that shoot! Anyway there was no such ‘picking’ or puking from moi as I danced (wobbled?) through the shop pointing at pastel confections and saying (in a loop) “and one of those.... and one of those please...and ....” I tried hard not to show my excitement by screeching and lunging - I went for a casual approach, like my whole life hadn’t been leading up to this moment.
I bought and consumed with gusto the rich and delectable chocolate and the lavender frosted vanilla, which was swiftly followed by the lusciously lemon frosted cupcake.....
Ok so that third one may have been a little much and the last few mouthfuls a bit touch and go, even for me - but lemon is April’s ‘cupcake of the month’ so it would have been rude not to...
And as I bit into the lightest pale sponge and frosty lemon cream I discovered a surprise of tingly lemon curd inside. Yum!
SJP and the gals should take note – there’s a moral to this story - never give up on cake. Yes, my staunch commitment to those cupcakes was rewarded by a spoonful of lemon curd – which - if I’m not mistaken - counts as one of my five a day!

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