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Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Procrastination, Coffee Cakes and Big, Rich Texas

So, I haven’t blogged for a while.  I’ve been deep in final edits for my second book and though I am the world’s most committed procrastinator – even I had to do some real work this time.

Completing a novel is bitter sweet. I can’t wait to share it, but I'll miss the world and the characters I've escaped to every day,  and there'll be a little book-shaped hole in my life until the next one. Anyway, ‘Younger, Thinner, Blonder,’ is due out in the Autumn (RickshawPublishing) and writing this book has been quite a ride, taking me (and my editor Jo) from Manchester to Nepal and back again!

As a writer I'm fascinated by the ‘real’ life of a celebrity, and working in TV I was able to see this in close-up. The press and public intrusion, the crazy headlines and the way celebrity life can cause someone to lose their grip on the truth is a scary watch. Being famous is often about hiding who you are so when the facade of fame slips, and there's no airbrushing, the truth can be sad, horrific and at times, hilarious. 'Younger, Thinner Blonder ' is about what it's really like to live in that world and through Tanya Travis,  talk show host and 'diva of daytime,' we see another side of  fame, success and a designer walk-in wardrobe. And none of it is quite what it seems.

And before you think I've gone all issue-lead and serious - don't worry, there’s also a reality show, a gay actor a sex-tape star, a couple of gorgeous guys and some very expensive shoes - yep, it’s so high brow it hurts!

I’m now contemplating my next novel and procrastinating once more while nibbling at old Easter eggs and stale hot cross buns. It’s exciting to wonder where the next book will take me? There’s a pile of cuttings on the kitchen table, a secret file called ‘Book 3’ on my computer and among the detritus of receipts, congealed sweets and old tissues in my handbag, there are other vital clues. As yet I don't know enough to begin, the pieces need to come together in my head first - and they will. In the meantime I can only wonder: Will my heroine be a film star or a hairdresser? Will she be married, single or complicated? Will she live and love in an oceanside beach house in Malibu or a Barratt Showhome in Salford? Who knows? I love this job - I have a golden ticket to a mystery destination, I don’t know where it is or the characters I'll travel with  - but I can’t wait!

So until I embark on that journey, there’s much procrastination to be done in the real world. It's vital that I watch (and am inspired by) the latest series of, ‘The Biggest Loser USA’ and it's a must to lust over the gilded decor and glitzy frocks in ‘Big Rich Texas.' I have shamefully neglected essential TV viewing while toiling over the book and these are just two of the many intellectual offerings on series link awaiting my consumption.

Telly Trash and a batch of freshly made coffee cakes - procrastination at it's finest - all cunningly disguised as writer’s research!

Coffee Fairy Cakes to Procrastinate with


  1. Have you noticed that you only blog at Festive seasons - Xmas, Easter, when food, especially cakes and chocolate, is everywhere?

  2. Oh Lynne I was hoping no-one had noticed! I suspect I have a deep Pavlovian response to food associated with festivities. I salivate and blog... often at the same time! xx

  3. Sue, your new book sounds awesome and I can't wait to read it! If you come to LA for "research," you should definitely look me up. I know the best places for pastry and coffee! :-)

    1. Hi Lucie - oh how I wish! I visited LA last year and it is my most favourite place in the world (along with SF and NYC). If I am lucky enough to return we are going for one long coffee and cake break girlfriend! I just know we'd have so much to talk about. :)