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Saturday, 14 May 2011

FA Cupcakes

I'm not a football fan but I could tell something was in the air so I asked the dashing Mr W which teams were playing in today's FA Cup because I wanted to mark the occasion with FA Cupcakes. He told me that Chesterfield were playing Norwich, so I checked the colours, baked the cakes and wrote the blog, only to
 find out it was his idea of a (hilarious!) joke. Fortunately I'd iced them all in white so I could add team colours. After he'd 'fessed up' (and I'd double checked with Google, will never trust that man again!) I can now confirm it's ...
er Manchester City and ... Stoke... I think? I didn't trust him on the team colours so I threw on a million baby smarties to cover all bases (look at me using sporty terms! I'll get there yet).
Anyway who cares about the football it's all about the cupcakes ... always is... always will be.

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  1. Your cupcakes look fab and are making me very hungry! My 3 and a half year old is wearing his Manchester City football shirt as his Dad is at Wembley today and we are hoping that the result goes City's way!

    Loving your blog.

  2. Hi Kim, Thanks so much. As a Manchester girl myself I was rooting for them too (once I disocvered it was them playing!). Much celebrating in your house tonight! x

  3. I demand Man U cupcakes for my next visit, that's red and white darling. You could put a number 19 on them; ask Mr W the significance of that - should wipe the grin off his face!

    Les, xxx