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Thursday, 5 May 2011

Tweet it Don't Speak it!

I just started Tweeting @suewatsonwriter... baby steps as I spent the first 24 hours tweeting only myself! I’m getting the hang of it  – but not only do I talk too much – I write too much! When I try to post something on Twitter it tells me off for having more than 140 characters, which is tough for a writer who wants to ejaculate profound thoughts all over the page (messy but necessary) I love  !!!!! and ???!! for emphasis :)

As always, the US is years ahead of us and while in NY recently I was horrified to discover that tight, abbreviated sentences lacking in any description, humour or colour have crept into the everyday language. While hanging out in the restrooms of Macy's (putting my face on and ear-wigging)  I overheard this from two fashionistas:
“What did you have for lunch?"
“It’s OK – I got GNC.”

C wot I mean?


  1. I tweeted you this am! I am thoroughly enjoying Twitter, but it can be a time bandit and mean less writing unfortunately. I am an old fashioned sort who texts in full English so I often have difficulty working out what my friends are saying. Keep up says my son, who is practised at shortened speak. Mx

  2. i am a neophyte in blogging and I happen to have come across your blog page, i just love reading your blogs. am officially following you now. ^_^

  3. Hi, I also love tweeting! I'm on twitter as @NasDean.

    Thanks for the follow at my blog...

  4. Hi ladies, thanks so much for reading - and commenting! There are days when I wonder if anyone's out there. Heather I'll follow your blog too - sounds interesting - and Nas - if I haven't already I will follow you on Twitter (just getting the hang of it - I think - thanks to a lunch masterclass with Morton Gray!)x http://mortongray.blogspot.com/!