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Saturday, 13 August 2011

Fat Girls and Fairy Cakes ... the reviews so far!

I haven't blogged this week -  in the light of all the riots and fear I felt my twittering on about cake and books would probably be a little shallow even for me. Now the riots have died down however, I can reach new depths of superficiality in this latest blog - all about ME. Yes forget about war-torn Britain, the Global Economy and who's actually going to be in Celebrity Big Brother (though I'll admit that one's got me going).
The biggest thing that's about to happen is less than a month away - the publication of my chicklit tome Fat Girls and Fairy Cakes!
On 8th September my  tale of love, loss, friendship and cake will finally hit the shelves online and off and I may be visiting a Waterstones near you - so watch this space!
Meanwhile, to whet your appetite I thought you might like to know what some lovely magazines have already said about my life's work;

"You'll want to devour this smart and fabulously funny read in one go!"
Closer Magazine
“Sue Watson’s debut novel is as every bit delicious as the cakes she describes. With an obnoxious boss and a demanding family life, you’ll be rooting for the fabulous heroine right up until the last pages. Treat yourself to this engaging read, and make sure you’ve got a glass of wine and a sugary treat to hand – you’ll feel very hungry otherwise!”
Take a Break

“Laugh out loud funny ...this is a thoroughly enjoyable debut
novel that will have you reading bits of it to anyone within earshot."
Candis Magazine


  1. Sounds great Sue. Would you like to be interviewed on my blog in September? Maybe we could do the interview face-to-face over coffee! Mx

  2. Ooh that sounds lovely Morton... let's do cake too! Yes please! xxxxx

  3. I've read this book and I LOVED it. A fantastic read. Beautifully written. A must read come 8th September I promise.

    I will post my full review on 8th.

    Well done Sue.

  4. Thanks so much Lou, really appreciate your support! Lots love xxxxx

  5. Sounds just the sort of book I love to read, am really excited one of my favourite past times.

  6. Thanks Jo - I think we both have a big Aug/Sept ahead! xxxxx

  7. wow how exciting! i am a bookaholic so will definatley be reading.

    found you through brit mums, now following :)


  8. Hi lovely website indeed and I'm looking forward to read your book!
    Now following you and if you don't mind would love if you could help and follow me. As you will see i'm not very experienced :( I'm the romanianmuminlondon.blogspot.com

  9. Where can i get your book from?

  10. Whoop whoop! Many congrats, Sue - I'm sure it will be a huge hit! xx

  11. Hi Talli - thanks so much - September is very exciting for you and i isn't it with both our books out! Hi Otilia - the book is available from Amazon and Waterstones online (pkus WH Smith and Sainsburys and Asda online) The book will also be available in some Waterstone's stores. x

  12. I'm not really a chick lit fan but I do like cakes, and I must say the sound of your book fascinates me. Hopping off now!

  13. Can't possible resist a book about cakes - I've already pre-ordered my copy!

  14. Wow thanks Karen - it's lovely to know someone wants to read the book (other than my mum!) And Chris - I know what you mean about chick lit - but this isn't frothy - I like to think it has more of an edge - well fingers crossed for Thursday's launch! x