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Monday, 1 August 2011

Pink Champagne and Fairy Cakes

My friend and writing teacher Sue Johnson launches her novel Fable's Fortune today. A contemporary romance built on a fairytale structure – with a touch of new age magic, it's available from Amazon and a fabulous read. Sue is currently celebrating her book launch with a fountain of champagne and cheeks-full of cherry liquers (yum). This has made me think of my own book launch (have I already mentioned that Fat Girls and Fairy Cakes is out on 8th Sept... I think I might have?) Anyway, I'm thinking bathfulls of champers and acres of fairy cakes. I'm also planning a Fairy Cake cocktail recipe which I will reveal nearer the time.

Meanwhile, I'm celebrating my friend Sue's book launch with some sweet little summery fairy cakes (to the right) I made earlier to toast her book and enjoy in the garden with the girls.
Light, golden vanilla sponge with a strawberry ice-cream scented icing these fairies are  a perfect accompaniment to  lashings of chilled pink champers and consumed with good friends. I'll post the recipe when I've finished slurping Sue's celebratory champagne and cherry liquers (I may be some time!)

If you fancy some magic and romance on your sunbed, pop over to http://loveahappyending.com/launch-day-for-fables-fortune-by-sue-johnson/ where Sue is giving away a signed copy Fable's Fortune.


  1. I would write more comments but you've convinced me I need to dash out and get some champagne to help celebrate Sue Johnson's book launch today. I'll get an extra bottle so I'll be prepared for your launch in September!

  2. I can hear champagne corks popping all around. The Fizz is bubbling and Sue can hardly speak, she's so happy. What a great publishing day and what a delicious idea of the cakes. Scrummy. I wish Sue well and can't wait for your book to come out too.

  3. I'm raising a glass here to you, Sue (it's just orange juice at the moment, lol!)to send you my congratulations and to wish you great success with Fable's Fortune xx

  4. Here's to the success of Fable's Fortune and Fat Girls and Fairy Cakes. chink!

    Check out my blog for a book launch interview with Sue Johnson http://bit.ly/pcdGPh

  5. Fairy tales and fairy cakes ... what a perfect combination! So well done Sue and Sue. Champagne I can do, cakes (no problem) - cherry liqueurs (for the launch of Fable's Fortune), well haven't had one for years. Must buy some soon! Fab fun ladies!

  6. Congratulations on the releases and the fun launch parties. I had never heard of fairy cakes but they look yummy.

  7. Thank you for all your lovely comments - here's to Sue Johnson's 'Fable's Fortune' I feel a cherry liquer fairy cake recipe coming on... x