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Monday, 21 March 2011

You Can't Get the Staff!

I haven’t posted a blog for a couple of days due to technical issues. Well, to be honest I don’t actually have technical issues as such because I’m technologically challenged. So imagine my deep joy at discovering a brilliant ‘Blog Manager,’ last week.
She's cool, knows all about computers and social networking sites, she can poke, Twitter, blog and text all at the same time (while singing along to the latest Jessie J.) My Blog Manager adds pictures, links, posts and even turns my little blog different shades and even makes cute little designy add-on bits when she’s in the mood.
This is all utterly gorgeous and leaves me free to be a creative literary type and eat cake all day - as God and Mr Kipling intended.
However, there's trouble in Paradise and i hate to say it but there are a couple of areas we need to address if our working relationship is to continue. Last Tuesday, I was in desperate need of my Blog Manager’s profound knowledge regarding gadgets, widgets and blogrolls (yummy sounds like Sushi) when she announces she's ‘busy.’ Then, on Wednesday as I struggle with HTML and blogger edit layouts she skips off to her Gymnastics Class without a thought for me sweating and swearing over my laptop, cake crumbs and coffee stains littering my path. But today took the biscuit - when I needed an expert to translate the dreaded dashboard and post something impulsive and fabulous on my blog page she had selfishly taken herself off to school!
Oh well I suppose that’s what happens when you employ your 11 –year-old daughter to manage your blog.

Thanks Eve x

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  1. Hi,
    Eve looks delightfully cheeky on that photo. My seven year old is more techno aware than I am, but I don't think I'll let him loose on my blog just yet! Mx